Green Valley Villa
Nogales, Mexico

Due to its location, Nogales is one of the most important ports of entry for U.S. tourists. The downtown area consists of bars, hotels, restaurants, and a large number of curio stores, which sell a large variety of artesanias (handicrafts, leather art, handmade flowers, clothes) brought from the deeper central and southern states of Mexico.Nogales, Mexico

Local dishes commonly available in restaurants include many types of antojitos (Mexican food) such as enchiladas, tacos, burritos with carne machaca (dried meat), menudo and tamales.

Food in Nogales, Mexico

At the center of Nogales, there is the Plaza de Benito Juarez. Here there is a statue with two leading figures designed by Spanish sculptor Alfredo Just. This is a tribute to Mexican President Benito Juarez, and the other is the "Monument to Ignorance", where a naked man who represents the Mexican people is fighting with a winged creature that represents ignorance.


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(39 mi, 38 min drive)

Head south on I-19 for approximately 34.5 mi
Take a slight left onto N Sonoita Ave. Turn left into the parking lot of Burger King and park. Pay the parking fee inside.

Once you park your car and pay the fee, you can walk across the street to cross the border on foot. Walk through the parking lot and past the bus station to N Terrance Ave. You will see a set of stairs to your right that leads to the border crossing.

Don’t forget your passport!
You will need it to get back.

Shopping in Mexico