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Terms and conditions
Please read all the following guidelines and reservation policies.

Housekeeping: There is a cleaning fee for each stay. The home is equipped with bed linens, bath and kitchen towels, soap and starter kitchen supplies. In order to make your stay as comfortable and as stress-free as possible you will not need to do laundry on your day of departure. The beds will be made up with fresh linens when you arrive and fresh towels will be laid out. Soon before or after you arrive, a set of fresh linens and towels will be delivered to the house. Please put these away in the appropriate bath or bedroom. During your stay I ask that you keep up on laundry and keep towels, linens, etc., folded and put away.

On your day of departure, strip the linens from the bed or beds you used the night before and place those and currently-used towels (one per person please) on top of the washing machine to be laundered by the cleaning service. Then make the bed or beds with fresh linens and put out fresh towels for the next guest. The intent is to minimize the amount of time it takes to pack up and leave on your departure day.

Deposit/Cancellations: A $500.00 deposit is due at time of booking to confirm a reservation. The balance is due in two installments one 120 days prior to arrival with the balance due 30 days prior to arrival. All payments are non-refundable. It is preferred that payments be made by check. You have an option of paying with a credit card (via PayPal) for an additional 3% credit card processing fee.

Payments: It It is preferred that payments be made by check. You have an option of paying with a credit card (via PayPal) for an additional 3% credit card fee. All payments are non-refundable.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted inside the home. If there is evidence that smoking has occurred inside the home you will be charged an additional cleaning and ionization service fee. This policy is STRICTLY ENFORCED and IS NOT covered by Accidental Damage Protection.

Maximum Occupancy: The home accommodates a maximum of 4 guests. The number of guests occupying this property is limited to the number stated at the time of reservation with the exception of an infant requiring a crib. Violation of this policy may result in immediate eviction from the property with no refund of any rental charges.

Phone Service: There is no land line in the home. Please plan to bring your cell phone with you to make any necessary phone calls. It is required that tenant supplies a contact phone number for emergency contact during their stay.

Bugs and … yes cockroaches: Cockroaches are perhaps the most despised pests in the world but they are very common in desert areas. The property is cleaned after every rental and receives regular monthly pest control treatments. They are a part of life and do not mean the property has been poorly maintained. Things you can do to help: Plastic, not paper. They love paper and glue, so bag your groceries in reusable fabric or plastic bags so the bugs don't travel with you. Keep food sealed. All food should be stored either in the refrigerator or in sealed packages or containers. We recommend that you use Zip-Loc® type storage bags and re-sealable containers for your leftovers. Keep the house clean. Clean up all areas where food is prepared and served, clean up spills and crumbs from snack foods immediately and don't leave dirty dishes or food lying around. It is recommended to run water down every drain on a weekly basis even if you are not using them (including the washing machine and dish washer). At the end of your stay please pour 1 cup of bleach down every drain and flush for 3-4 minutes with HOT tap water. This can produce some fumes, so stand back. Wash your hands as thoroughly after you are done.

Age Restriction Policy: The home owners' associations in Green Valley require that one occupant be 55 years of age or greater. By making a deposit you are confirming that you comply with this age restriction. Of course, your children and grandchildren may visit! Visitors under the age of 55 are welcome to stay for 30 days or less.

Damage and Unauthorized Use: Guests will be responsible for any property damage over and above normal wear and tear, property theft and unauthorized use of the property during the contract period. Please report any damage at check-In or upon occurrence to us immediately. We are not responsible for the loss, theft or damage to Guest's personal property.

Pet Policy: Sorry, pets are not allowed.

Parties and Events: I do not rent this property for the purpose of celebrating an event or to individuals whose intention is to allow people on the property in excess of the occupancy listed at the time of reservation of the property for any reason without the express written consent of the owner.

Firearms: Firearms are not allowed.

Indemnification: Guests agree to defend, indemnify and save free and harmless the individual owners, and its employees, for any liabilities or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from, related to, or in any way connected with the rental of the premises, including but not limited to, any claim or liability of personal injury or damage or loss of property which is incurred or sustained by the Renter or other guest at the property.

Travel Insurance: Because travel involves unique risks, we recommend that you purchase Travel Insurance (Trip Interruption/Cancellation Insurance) to protect yourself against the financial loss that would result if you had to cancel, delay or shorten your trip due to unforeseen events such as illness or injury, flight delays, auto accidents or breakdowns, severe weather or evacuations, or a host of other circumstances. Comprehensive yet economic policies are widely available from a number of providers.

Foreign Transactions: Inquiries from outside the USA are required to pay the full rental amount up front, non-refundable. Payment must be made via a credit card transaction (PayPal). An additional 3% will be added to cover these costs.

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